Five BB Housemates To Face.. zzzzz

Apparently the BB housemates pretty much hate each other and no less than FIVE of them will face the public vote this Friday.

Is chucking the lot of them out and starting again not an option?

Aaron Allard-Morgan, Aden Theobald, Anton Murphy, Faye Palmer and Jay McKray will place their reality TV fate in the hands of the handful of viewers watching this Friday. As ever, the least popular person will get the BB boot.

Faye survived last week’s eviction, when Maisy James was sent packing.

In a dramatic departure from the norm, Big Brother has announced that housemates would be allowed to discuss nominations. Tears quickly ensued, with Faye sobbing her heart out in the belief that she would be nominated (and probably go).

Big Brother continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 5.

Watch them bitching in the open below: