FIVE Planning Their Own ‘Big Fat Gypsy Weddings’.. But With Less ‘Piss-Taking’

Ford immediately regretted parking near the campsite..
Ford immediately regretted parking near the campsite..
Channel 5 have revealed that they are planning their own reality series based on the lifestyles of members of Britain’s beloved travelling community – but have denied stealing the idea from their rivals at Channel 4.

The broadcaster’s director of programmes Jeff Ford assured reporters that they had been considering a series looking at the lives of the nation’s gypsy folk long before Channel 4’s success with Big Fat Gypsy Weddings. He then went on to claim that he had also invented the iPod in 1993 but didn’t bother patenting it because he was too busy talking shit to send off the forms.

“Obviously the Channel 4 series has been a huge hit so there is clearly something in it,” said Pinnochio in an interview with The Daily Star. “But we don’t want to just follow what they have done, we want to lead. We want to really get under the skin of their culture and give a true insight, rather than a p*ss take.”

These comments are unlikely to be well received by the gypsy communities involved, who up until now didn’t realise that Channel 4 were simply “taking the piss”.