Flight of the Conchords Movie ‘Could Happen’ Says Bret McKenzie

Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords has explained that he and his comedy buddy Jermaine Clement are planning a FOTC film, but are stuck for subject matter.

“We’re gonna try and do a movie. We just need a story,” he told Metro when they asked if the successful TV show would be appearing on the big screen.

The pair’s unique brand of parody folk music has proved a hit with fans across the UK and their fellow New Zealander and series director James Bobin has assured fans that the pair will be returning soon.

“I don’t know what it’ll be. I would love to do something else with them because they are good friends and we had a lot of fun making that show,” he said.

“I’d love to do it. It’s just a question of what it would be and when we would do it, but I’m sure because that’s what I want to make happen at some point.”

Fans shouldn’t expect anything in the immediate future however as McKenzie is currently off in Middle-Earth, playing Lindir, and Elf minstrel in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit. He also played an elf in the original Lord of the Rings trilogy (above).