Former Blue Manager Slags Off Group’s Eurovision Attempt

Some put our bad luck down to politics. Others say “if only we could enter a credible, mainstream act, we might just be in with a chanceâ€?. And this year’s UK Eurovision bosses? Why, they cry: “Blue! They’re popular with the kids these days aren’t they?â€?

Yes, that’s right, in a bid to restore our crown once more (we’ve won five times don’t’cha know?) it has been dubiously decided that nineties has-beens Blue will be representing the UK this year.

Sparking controversy however (and by ‘controversy’, I mean ‘indifference’), is the decision for the group to qualify automatically, rather than be chosen by the public from a shortlist of contenders. Could it be that Euro bosses don’t trust good old Joe Public to make the right choice? We chose Jemini didn’t we, and that turned out alright…

The boy band’s former manager didn’t appear to be too impressed with the decision either, describing it as “reckless insanity.â€?

He said: “They will have to win. Anything less and their reputation would be in tatters. It is the equivalent of Lewis Hamilton entering a go-kart race – he will be the strong favourite, but there is also the possibility he could lose. So why risk it?”

However, the boys remain upbeat, with Duncan James saying: “We’re celebrating our 10 years together in 2011, so when the BBC approached us it seemed a great way to mark the occasion and also to be part of something which is still a British institution.”

The four piece will perform their self-penned song I Can (nothing like a positive, ‘can do’ attitude after all) at the competition, which will take place in May in Dusseldorf, Germany.