Forsyth a miserable old bastard says Davidson

Jim Davidson has reportedly branded Strictly Come Dancing host Bruce Forsyth a €œmiserable old bastard? and believes the 83-year-old is only kept on by the BBC so an older presenter is on screen.

€œHe’€™s hanging on. No one really wants Bruce on there, do they?â€?he told The Sun. “But they have him there so they can say, €˜How dare you say we’re ageist? Moira Stewart is wrong! Look at Bruce – he needs ironing before the show!€?

“There’s a bit in my new play where someone says, ‘You only watch Strictly Come Dancing to see if Bruce drops dead live on air.€™ Miserable old bastard!â€?

Davidson also believes that at 57, he is too old for primetime television. “Who wants to see me?â€? he said. “If you’re a controller of British TV on Saturday nights, you’ve got to go for the 18-30 audience.â€?

The BBC has been sensitive about accusations of ageism after the row about Julia Bradbury replacing Miriam O’Reilly on Countryfile, and Moira Stewart getting the axe from BBC news. Of course, it could all be bitterness from Davidson about the way his TV career has gone.