Frank Darabont Walks Away From Walking Dead

Frank Darabont, who has been responsible for almost every aspect of hit TV series, The Walking Dead is to leave the show, Deadline reports. Darabont spent almost five years trying to initiate a TV adaption of Robert Kirkman’s (who also exec produces) graphic novel of the same name, and recently expressed his excitement about the series’ upcoming second season while talking at Comic-Con.

Throughout its first season The Walking Dead gained a loyal viewership and attained critical acclaim, receiving numerous nominations including a Golden Globe nomination for best drama series. According to Deadline, Darabont wants to leave because he never really adjusted to the pace of making a TV series, preferring that of feature films.

His departure comes as a real shock to many, especially given his enthusiastic statements at Comic-Con last week: “We’ve got people coming to the [writer’s] table going, ‘Wow, we love this and we want to be a part of it’, and that’s a really cool thing.â€?

The second series of The Walking Dead will premiere in the states on October 16. It should follow in the UK very soon after..