Morgan Freeman Falls Into Oblivion

No seriously, he IS God.

Morgan Freeman is the latest Hollywood giant to be associated with Jospeh Kosinski’s new post-apocalyptic thriller.

Tentatively named Oblivion, the film also has Tom Cruise on board and as a man charged with remaining on a deserted Earth to repair the drone ships responsible for taking out a invading alien species.

The majority of humanity lives above the planet for their own safety, with Cruise connected to home via his overseer/lover Olga Kurylenko. On his latest mission, our hero meets a mysterious woman (Andrea Riseborough) who appears to have crash-landed on Earth.

As he tries to help her, he finds himself confronted by ideas that change his view of the world…

Freeman’s role has yet to be specified, but its highly likely that he will not be rubbering up as an alien. Rather, we fancy him as President of The Surviving Human Race or something with “official” in the title.

Toy Story 3 writer Michael Arndt is currently at work on the latest script draft, and Kosinski should be kicking off filming next month, ready for a July 2013 release.