Friedberg & Seltzer Return With The Starving Games

A sure sign that the Mayan Apocalypse might actually happen after all, notorious directing team and utter tools Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are gearing up to spoof The Hunger Games with The Starving Games. Christ, I think I just cracked a rib laughing about that one.

Though every single film they ever released has been a dire spoof of whatever movie franchise is popular at the time (their last was Vampires Suck, their take on Twilight) apparently people actually go to see their movies, and with fairly low budgets, they actually make quite a bit of money. Sadly, this means they’ll be conjuring another laugh-free cringe fest soon.

The Starving Games, the rights to which will be on sale at Cannes, will spoof the Suzanne Collins book and use it as a frame for parodies of The Avengers, Sherlock Holmes, the final Harry Potter and whatever passing fad them can glom on to during the shoot.

They’re are currently at work on The Biggest Movie Of All Time 3D, which is “the first parody film to be shot in 3D.” Somebody stop them.