Friends Props To Go To Auction

Ever wanted to get your hands on Stevie the TV, that ‘Jouets’ picture or a coffee mug from Central Perk? Well Friends fans might be interested to hear that some of the iconic props from the sitcom are to be auctioned off next week.

As part of the Icons of Hollywood Auction, items such as Monica’s peep-hole frame and Joey’s ‘My Goodness My Guiness’ poster are to be sold to the highest bidder.

Expected to be the highest-grossing item of course is the orange couch, on which the Friends cast sat for the entire ten-year run.

If you happen to have a spare five-thousand dollars or so lying about, you can get yourself over to the Paley Centre for Media in Beverly Hills next week where the auction is being held. Alternatively, you can also get involved online.

Soaring bids are guaranteed, reflecting the popularity of a sitcom which seven years after its final episode, still pulls in ratings for its endless repeats. Although not exactly strapped for cash themselves, the stars of the show still seem to be waiting for a bit of the Friends-magic to transfer to their current careers.