Gaiman Happy With Doctor Who Episode

Fantasy fiction legend Neil Gaiman has said he is pleased with the final version of an episode he’s written for the new series of Doctor Who.

His episode is scheduled to be the fourth in the new series, and will include a guest appearance from Michael Sheen.

“I just saw the finished version of my Doctor Who episode. I was happy. There were moments and even scenes I missed but that’s always the way,â€? he said in a post on his blog.

“Mostly I was just impressed by the performances, direction and music,â€? he added. “And [the] effects. They spent money on this one and it shows.â€?

Expect to see Doctor Who back on TV in April, and watch out for Gaiman’s episode. Nothing he writes ever turns out to be conventional. Just to give you a taste, here’s deleted scene that he wrote and posted on his blog last year:


Is it something people can eat?

(to Doctor)

Shouldn’t you scan it with your screwdriver or something?


Why would I scan food with my screwdriver?


See if it’s safe?

[The Doctor leans over, dips his finger into his bowl, tastes it.]


Some unusual trace elements, smidge too much background radiation, but, yeah, very yummy.

[Amy is about to try some of his food… he stops her.]


No. Don’t put it in your mouth.


Not for humans?


Not for you. Tastes like Marmite on socks.