Gaiman’s American Gods For HBO?

Neil210With George R. R. Martin’s sprawling fantasy epic Game Of Thrones getting the full HBO treatment, the channel have started to look around for other suitable targets for adaptation. It’s with great pleasure that I can report that Neil Gaiman’s brilliant American Gods is currently under discussion.

It tells the story of the American versions of old world gods, their avatars brought over with immigration, whose powers are fading as humanity ceases to believe in them. A war is brewing between them and the newly risen gods of technology and commerce who are gaining power daily. At the centre of it all is Shadow, an ex-con who gets involved with the charismatic Mr Wednesday.

HBO are keen to put some muscle behind the adaptation with Gaiman himself and cinematographer-turned-writer Robert Richardson (Inglorious Basterds, JFK, The Aviator, Kill Bill and the forthcoming Hugo Cabret) scripting the pilot together. But that’s not all, producers Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman, the Playtone team that created the stylish Band Of Brothers and The Pacific are also on board.

That’s great news for Gaiman fans, as it’s always been feared that any adaptations of his work could suffer from a severe dilution in a two hour film. A full-length series seems like the most natural medium for American Gods. Here’s hoping it really happens – I’m off to sacrifice a goat.