Gala break the World Record for Bingo at Coronation Street

Coronation Street set

On July 18th Gala Bingo teamed up with Coronation Street and the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign charity in order to smash the Guinness World Record for a game of bingo using the biggest balls ever used. The biggest balls World Record idea is in conjunction with the message to get males to check their “balls” in order to fight against male cancer. Through donating 20% of all profits from their Corrie based games, Gala Bingo raised and donated a grand total of £10,375 to the charity. The event itself helped to promote Male Cancer Awareness with a little extra help from MCAC ambassador and glamour model Rhian Sugden who was on hand to collect the donation.

During the game, 45 players took part and a total of 90 had a special ‘golden ticket’ which gave them a once in a lifetime opportunity to tour around the set of Coronation Street by one of the ex-stars of the show. The set of Coronation Street has moved to their new £10 million set, so being able to venture around the original set was quite a privilege. The event was accompanied by some celebrity guests and ex-Corrie stars such as Steven Arnold who played Ashley Peacock, Adam Rickett who played the original Nick Tilsley, Sunitta from Corrie, Angela Griffiths, Sherry Hewson & This Morning’s Alison Hammond. All of these special guests were at the event to take part in the Bingo game to witness winning the spectacular World Record. The ex-Coronation Street stars dropped the large balls out of the windows on the famous cobbled street as the game was in-play. Gala Bingo had ninety 70cm sized bingo balls made especially for the event. This led to them winning the world record of the ‘bingo game with the largest set of balls’ and Guinness World Records were on hand to adjudicate the bingo game and to confirm that they had smashed the world record. Director of, Alison Digges, said: “We wanted to do something special for the launch of Corrie Bouncy Balls, something involving balls! We love the innovative, educational approach MCAC takes, so we’re delighted to work with them. And a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title attempt seemed like a good way to get everyone’s attention. So we’ve organised a bingo game on Coronation Street, invited some ex-cast members and have raised money for charity, all at the same time!” Every fun moment of the event was snapped and all pictures from the successful world record attempt can be found on Gala Bingo.

Thanks to Gala Bingo breaking the World Record for a game of bingo with the biggest balls, a lot of money and awareness have been raised for the MCAC. According to ITV, Coronation Street has moved set but viewers are unlikely to notice any difference. Breaking the Guinness World Record was a great way in which to close the doors on one of the most famous places on television.