Gareth Edwards Won’t Direct Monsters Sequel

Gareth-Edwards210Vertigo’s in-production Monsters sequel will not see Gareth Edwards reprise his role as director, the helming gig instead passing to newcomer duo Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas.

Currently shopping the Cannes circuit for financing, the sequel will see a teacher venture into the infected area in search of his missing brother, and will feature the original helmer’s expertise as executive producer.

Edwards’ Monsters was the lo-fi indie surprise hit of last year, making a sequel as much a foregone conclusion as its increased budget in comparison to its $1 million predecessor. A larger canvass though does not necessarily make for a bigger, better film, and the Bonacorso and Atlas pairing will have to find a way of balancing the original’s surprise with the weight of expectation that will accompany its sequel.

As much as the original’s ‘infected area’ setting was but the window dressing on a human story, Monsters 2 (working title only) will face the problem of fitting an engaging story with the visuals that will be expected of an increased budget. Budget hike does not necessarily mean a bad thing though – just ask Nolan and his Bat-series plans for The Dark Knight Rises, or even Edwards and his plans for rejuvenating Godzilla. And with Edwards overseeing the project it is unlikely to veer too far from his startling debut.