Gary Barlow Pops To Shop In Private Jet?

Here comes my lift Robbie..
Here comes my lift Robbie..
X Factor’s Gary Barlow is thought to be planning to do away with all kinds of Earth-bound transport this morning after reports that he used a private jet to travel 19 miles across London at a cost of £10,000 emerged.

The Take That front-man – who is presumably carried to the judging panel by ITV interns in the manner of an Egyptian Pharoh – accepted the expensive lift when travelling from X Factor auditions at the O2 Arena, to his band’s concert in Wembley Stadium last month.

It has been reported that Barlow embarked the plane at London City Airport and was taken to RAF Northolt, where he was picked up by car and driven on to Wembley two nights in a row.

“We shelled out all this money for a private plane as we wanted him to see all the auditions and get to his gigs,” an ITV source told The Mirror as they wedged their office door open with a stack of £20 notes.

“It sounds a lot but we thought it was the best way to get him to Wembley.â€?