Gary Barlow’s Evil Twin Turns Up To X Factor Auditions

OTB woke up this morning, carried out our daily check of the bird’s mobile for texts from Ryan Giggs (we suggest you all do likewise from now on..) and came into the office believing that Gary Barlow was one of the few celebrities left in this country who wouldn’t sell his own granny for 20 seconds with a hooker or shout at a member of the public for being less talented than he.

Yet it seems that – once again – our faith has been misplaced like a dollar bill in the Spearmint Rhino, as reports emanating from X Factor HQ allege that Gary has been tearing into young musicians with no discernible talent in a savage fashion. No wonder Robbie left the band all those years back..

Apparently the Take That frontman has been taking his role as ‘The New Simon Cowell’ rather seriously and has started acting like a complete tit. Producers have been quick to praise him as “the next star of the show” but have also asked him to tone down his stinging criticisms as the auditions got underway last week.

“It’s like Gary’s evil twin turned up to judge,” a source told The Sun. “He’s making Simon look like Mary Poppins”.

While we savour that image for a second, the chatty young insider (who Simon may or may not sue to death) continued: “When he told singer Pebbles she looked like a man at her Birmingham audition, you could have heard a pin drop. She was mortified and immediately complained.”

The insider continued: “There have been several complaints over Gary’s dressing-downs. One singer said they felt like killing themselves after coming off stage. Gary has been asked to tone it down by contestants.”

“He’s a complete natural,” a production source added.