Gatiss Reveals “Three Words Which Will Define Sherlock Series 2”

‘Three Words’ may have been a successful – but ultimately quite shallow – album by Cheryl Cole/Tweedy/Whatever, but it’s also a technique that Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat use to tease us about forthcoming Sherlock episodes, and the ones pertaining to series three have arrived.

“Pipe,” “Slippers” and “Bed” are the three words according to a tweet sent by Gatiss this morning.

He and fellow showrunner Steven Moffat are off to Edinburgh to give a masterclass on the show and reveal the key words relating to the three new episodes coming in 2013.

The pair did exactly the same thing last time out, with ‘Woman’, ‘Hound’ & ‘Fall’ being given as the three words which related to the second series.

Ardent Sherlockians found it relatively easy to predict which three stories would be cropping up from those clues, so we expect that Mofffat and Gatiss purposely made these three words more ambiguous.

I’m sure you lot have already worked it out though. Anyone?

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