Gay Corrie Star Actually Loves The Birds

His character in Corrie might not love the birds, but Anthony Cotton can’t seem to get enough of them. Ba Boom..

The actor, who plays Sean Tully, has decided to become the patron of a charity…for chickens.

He said: “The Hen Welfare Trust does an amazing job, not only re-homing ex-battery hens but also campaigning to encourage consumers and retailers to go free range.

“Hen-keeping is one of life’s simple pleasures and I’m particularly happy to be able to give ex-battery hens that have had such a dreadful life a happy retirement.”

The 36-year-old actor has been with the street since 2005 and has recently signed a contract until 2013.

Despite recent controversy about an abundance of “gayâ€? characters and plots dominating the street, he remains a firm favourite with audiences and has bagged a total of seven awards for his role as Sean.

Cotton will join the likes of Jamie Oliver and Antony Worrall Thompson as patrons of poultry. Give him a few days and Hugh F-W will be on board (or at least sobbing in the corner).