Gerard Depardieu Pisses Himself On Plane

We’ve all been there haven’t we? Having had a few too many drinks pre-takeoff, you board the plane only to sit there desperate for the toilet, waiting for the seatbelt light to turn off. But it appears that when French film actor Gerard Depardieu found himself in a similar situation yesterday, he just couldn’t wait, with the 62-year-old relieving himself there and then in front of passengers and stewards.

In a story somewhat fitting for April Fool’s Day, the Trophy Wife actor was visibly inebriated according to a fellow passenger, trying to stand up during take-off declaring: “I want to piss, I want to piss.”

When a stewardess asked him to sit and wait 15 minutes until the seatbelt sign was turned off, he said he could not wait. “And there and then he stood up and did it on the floor,” the passenger told a French broadcaster.

“We could see he had been drinking. The stewardess was dumbfounded,” they added. “No-one said anything. It all happened with courtesy. Mr Depardieu sat back down and the plane returned to the parking area to be cleaned.”

It certainly seems like a bemusing set of circumstances, but a spokeswoman for the Air France-KLM subsidiary has effectively backed up the statement from the passenger, saying: “I will only confirm that he, in effect, urinated in the plane.”

The spokeswoman added that the incident had taken place on Tuesday evening on board flight AF5010, but did not say whether the company intended to take further action against the popular French star.

Depardieu is perhaps the best known face in French cinema, with almost 200 films to his name. Star of the 1990 literary epic Cyrano de Bergerac and US romantic comedy Green Card, he is also a winemaker and no stranger to controversy surrounding alcohol, having been convicted of drunk driving in 1990.