Gervais Announces New Sitcom ‘Afterlife’

Not content with having one sitcom already in the works, comedy legend Ricky Gervais is already on the case planning a new show in collaboration with Dexter producer Clyde Phillips.

The new show will be called Afterlife, featuring a story will be about an atheist who dies and goes to heaven. Many fans will know that Gervais is himself a non-believer, with the subject of theology being debated at length during the comedian’s podcasts with Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington.

Despite comedy hit The Office recently celebrating it’s 10th anniversary, it’s seems that the character of David Brent is well and truly behind Gervais, with the comic currently filming Life’s Too Short with Warwick Davis for the BBC.

Speaking on his website blog, he said: “Dexter has consistently been my favourite show of the last five years. When I first saw Clyde’s name all over it I knew I had to work with him one day.”

He continued: “I found out he was also a fan of my work and we then became friends on email and through short conversations on various red carpets. We finally started working on an idea this year and really hit it off. I am so excited about this project.”

The pair have already put their heads together to write a pilot episode and plan to film it early next year, with Gervais himself set to have a cameo role in the new production.