Get Set For This Is England ’88.. & ’90

“If it ain’t broke, then run with itâ€? is probably Shane Meadows’ motto, because the writer/director has signed up for a This Is England ‘86 follow up, this time set during Christmas 1988.

Critically acclaimed by some (yesterday it was named ‘Best Drama’ at the South Bank Awards) and accused of being overhyped by others (i.e. me), the Channel 4 drama sees the return of Lol, Woody and the gang, and will begin filming in the spring.

The gritty, Midlands-based drama began with a Film4 movie and was followed up last year with a Channel 4 four part drama series.

Speaking at the South Bank Sky Arts Awards, Meadows said: “I’ve never done a follow-up to something I’ve made as a film but there was something about This Is England, meeting Thomas Turgoose [who plays Shaun] and the whole cast. We got as close as I have ever got to a family in this film.”

Channel 4 head of drama Camilla Campbell also revealed that there will be plans for a follow up set in 1990, saying that the ’88 special will leave “the way clear for a new series of This Is England ’90 which is currently in development.”

This Is England ’88 is scheduled to air around Christmas.