Ghost pinches Caroline Flack’s bum- the cheek of it!

Caroline Flack claims a ghost pinched her bottom during filming at X Factor judge Gary Barlow’s house in Northamptonshire.

But while the presenter was slightly taken aback by the ‘cheeky’ spirit, Cheryl Cole couldn’t resist making a joke of her old boss, pointing the blame at the “ghost of Simon Cowellâ€?.

Xtra Factor host Flack revealed she felt something brush against her behind, before seeing an apparition in an antique mirror later in the day.

She said: “I don’t believe in ghosts- I’m a real sceptic. But I felt something brush past me and there was nobody else in the room. It was weird.

“Later on, I thought I saw something move in the mirror, and it looked like someone’s arm. There is definitely something creepy going on in that house.â€?