Glee Director Ryan Murphy For Annie?

Murphy210He’s the man that’s made Glee the unstoppable success it is, so it’s fairly logical that Ryan Murphy’s been offered the job of bringing the new version of Annie to our screens.

In what we thought was originally a joke, the new Annie will see Will Smith give a nepotistic leg up to his daughter Willow by casting her in the lead role. It’s strictly speaking not a remake but a “reimagining” – quite what that means, we’re not sure but it sounds like it’s going to be updated for the present day given that Jay-Z is on music duty (we’re guessing A Hard Knock Life had something to do with that).

As safe a director as Murphy is for the small screen, he does have previous bad form. He directed that odious little turd (I say little, it was more like a log) of a movie Eat, Pray, Love last year and he’s also been linked to a completely unnecessary remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. And we thought his resemblance to evil madman Lex Luthor was just a coincidence…

Smith meanwhile is still in our bad books for pimping out his son Jaden in a remake of The Karate Kid which made my eyes bleed.

Frankly, this isn’t looking good folks…