“Go Back To Presenter School!” The BBC Teaches Presenters The ‘Art’ Of Interrupting

Ooh, license fee bashers are going to just love this one… It has emerged that the BBC is spending ‘our hard earned cash’ on vital classes that teach among other things, the Art of Interrupting Gracefully and how to control breathing when using a microphone.

Newly appointed The One Show host Matt Baker described being sent to the Art of Interrupting Gracefully class with co-presenter Alex Jones, after he secured his £100,000 a year deal as full-time host.

Presumably, other lessons on the curriculum  include The Art of Letting Slip a Piece of Information That Will Probably Piss Off Angry License Fee Payers.

The seminars – open to all lucky staff – are hosted by the Today programme’s Justin Webb, journalist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Labour MP Ben Bradshaw, and have been dubbed ‘how to get what you want out of a live interview without appearing rude’.

Puts the standard ‘health & safety’ induction to shame really…