Godfather Tops List of Films People Pretend They’ve Seen…

godfather300Have you seen The Godfather? Yes so have we, but research has revealed that quite a few people have been fibbing about watching Coppola’s gangster masterpiece.

It seems that some of them can even reference key scenes that they’ve heard mentioned before, such as “that bit with the horse’s head” to cover their deceit. But it seems that many people’s film buffery is nothing but film bluffery. Ahem..

A recent poll by LoveFilm showed that four out of five people lie about having seen films in a bid to impress others and The Godfather was the movie that most tell porkies about, with 30% of respondents admitting to fibbing about seeing it.

Humphrey Bogart’s 1942 classic Casablanca came second on the list, with one in ten revealing that they’ve feigned a viewing. Taxi Driver came third, with Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs completing the top five.

“Whether it is a small white lie about having seen a cult classic or nodding along to friends as they recount infamous scenes, there are some films that we just do not want to admit we have not watched.” says Lovefilm editor Helen Cowley said.