Gordon Ramsay’s Film Debut – For F#@k’s Sake!

love210Gordon Ramsay is set to make his acting debut later this month in British Rom-com flic Love’s Kitchen.

The film, previously going by the name No Ordinary Trifle, centres around a London chef (Dougray Scott) who heads to the country following the death of his wife to set up a gourmet restuarant in a small pub.

Foul mouthed Ramsay plays himself, entering the frame in a fancy black leather jacket that makes him look like a bad version of the fonze, acting as an inspirational mentor to Scott’s character throughout the film. The romantic interest is Claire Forlani who plays food critic Kate Templeton, whilst Michelle Ryan, Simon Callow and Cherie Lunghi also co- star.

On the basis on the preview below, this film is not just going to be a car crash, but potentially a whole destruction derby. Cringeworthy and cheesy in parts, it also appears that thankfully we won’t need to review the film, with the ‘teaser’ trailer kindly giving away the entire plot. You have to admit that it’s a bit of a step down for Dougray Scott, with the actor once in the frame to replace Pierce Bronson as James Bond. But as Hells Kitchen’s star Ramsay would say, might as well f#@king get s#!t work than no [email protected]&king work at all you c#%ts!

Love’s Kitchen will be released in UK cinemas on June 24 and is scheduled to go straight-to-DVD in the US (no suprise there) on June 7.