Gordon Ramsey Signs Exclusive Deal With C4

After briefly flirting with Simon Cowell’s beloved ITV, shouty chef Gordon Ramsay is on the brink of signing a one-year extension to his deal with Channel 4, thought to be worth nearly £1m.

Despite his latest series, Gordon’s Great Escape, not performing as well as expected, the broadcaster wants to keep him on and according to sources, the final details of the new contract will be sorted out when he returns to the UK in a couple of weeks.

Ramsey’s history with the broadcaster is thought to have influenced the decision following ratings of under a million viewers for the final part of Gordon’s Great Escape. The show was up against the return of Simon Cowell on Britain’s Got Talent, but it’s thought that the show will not return. At the height of his popularity Ramsay was pulling in over four million viewers for Kitchen Nightmares.

According to The Guardian, the Scottish chef’s new deal is for two series – one that combines a business-related concept with Ramsay spending time in a prison and another, yet to be decided, which will probably be more traditionally food-related.