Goyer For Godzilla

goyer210David S Goyer has been named as the new scribe for the forthcoming Godzilla movie. He’s the guy behind all three Christopher Nolan Batman films and might be Superman’s long awaited saviour as he also penned The Man Of Steel due for release next year.

But hang on, a quick glance at his CV also reveals that he wrote all three Blade films (decent) but also Jumper and The Crow: City Of Angels, so a wee bit hit and miss there.

Godzilla already has a director in the shape of Monsters director Gareth Edwards but while David Calahan had turned in the first draft, Goyer will take over scripting duties from now on.

There are still no details about exactly what the script involves or what Goyer can bring to the table but if his work on Batman is anything to go by, it’s a good thing. Whatever he comes up with, it’s got to be better than Roland Emmerich’s ill-fated version in 1998.