Graham Norton Challenges Alan Carr To ‘Gay Off’

BBC TV host and Father Ted legend Graham Norton has challenged his ITV rival Alan Carr to a homosexuality competition in a bid to find out who is the best television personality.

Norton, who fronts his own Friday night chat show on BBC2 explained to BANG Showbiz that there was always competition for viewers and celebrity guests even if his and Carr’s programmes were not in direct competition with each other in the schedule.

“I’m not threatened by other hosts,” said the Irishman. “You just have to try and make the show the best you possibly can. Is Alan Carr gayer than I am? I don’t know. We could have some kind of gay-off and find out!”

If such a competition did come to pass then the BBC Sports department might be interested, as tussle of homosexuality would be seen as serious step up in the broadcaster’s usual sporting coverage. Although critics will suggest that with highlights of Audley Harrison’s fights being screened last year, then the Beeb have already been making movements towards events of this nature.

Norton also had time to run the rule over the British entrants for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. “Blue are really well-known around Europe so it looks as though we’re taking it seriously this year. We might do alright. I just worry about Jedward – those two boys alone in Dusseldorf? I can’t see it going too well.”