Green-band Dragon Tattoo Trailer Following Red Band “leak”

Following the ‘leaked’ red-band trailer for David Fincher’s (The Social Network, Fight Club, Se7en) The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo over the weekend and the hype it created, Sony has since yanked it from youtube and today released the official cinema-safe version.

It is still unclear whether Sony leaked or ‘leaked’ the red-band trailer, given its stereo sound and shaky camerawork, especially considering the film’s strong slant towards hacking and stealing of information.

The new trailer showcases suspense-building quick-cuts over an aggressive drum-heavy soundtrack and still retains much of the impact the leaked trailer had, albeit with less blood.

Fincher is going with the tagline “The Feel-bad Movie Of Christmas”, which may – although probably won’t – appease die-hard fans of the 2009 original, who fear this will be a watered down family-friendly remake of the dark, brutal and suspenseful Swedish original.

Opinion is divided over this upcoming remake, although Fincher insists that he will stay true to the darkness and adult-orientated themes of the novel, deciding not to base his film on the Swedish original, but instead on Stieg Larsson’s novel – on which the original film was based. And with Steven Zillian (Schindler’s List, American Gangster) writing the screenplay, this is one American remake that promises to have potential.