Green Day Name Pattinson As Their ‘American Idiot’

Mustafa hit the town wearing his new shirt..
Robert Pattinson has been hand-picked by the Green Day lads as their number one American Idiot.

Fair enough, he’s no Sidney Poitiers but that’s a bit harsh isn’t it?

It might sounds like a colossal put down but the punk pop stars are actually pretty impressed with the scruffy haired crooner. They would like him to take the lead role in the silver screen version of the Broadway musical based on their hit song, American Idiot.

They really have squeezed every last drop out of that number.

When asked about ideas for the leading man, he told “I’m gonna say that kid in Twilight. He’s a good actor. There’s still more to come with that kid.”

Nothing to do with the hoards of screaming fans who will go and see WHATEVER R-Patz appears in next?

The musical is inspired by the band’s song of the same title, which poses questions to the US government in an outrageous Green-Day-way.

American Idiot is currently scheduled for a 2013 release.