Guy Code Trailer: The Rules of Dancing..

Every guy knows ‘the code’ but it’s about to become official as MTV’s brand new series, Guy Code, continues to reveal the sacred unwritten laws of manhood tonight. Originating from Jersey Shore’s Vinny Guadagnino, Guy Code takes a funny, and at times brutally honest, look at the bizarre customs of the male species. Creating the ultimate guide, viewers will learn the ins and outs of the special code that exists between bros.

Laying down the law on issues all guys face, from the right amount of space that should be left between men while peeing, to how to stay out of the friend zone and the best ways to trick your girl into liking sports. Featuring today’s top comics including Alesha Renee, Andrew Schulz and Damien Lemon, plus athletes, entertainers, and even some experts, this hilarious new series will unearth the rules for any and every situation in life.

Guy Code continues on Monday 13th August at 10.30pm on MTV.