Gyllenhaal To Drive Straight Into Motor City?

Rumours are abound that Jake Gyllenhaal is being lined up as a worthy replacement for Dominic Cooper in action thriller Motor City.

Despite initially showing interest in the Albert Hughes’ project, Cooper is rumoured to have taken Roger Donaldon’s offer to join the cast of Cities instead.

If Gyllenhaal is given the part, he will play a small-time hood who gets framed and thrown in the slammer. Upon his release he swears revenge on all those doity, double crossin’ lowlifes who put him in there in the first place.

Amber Heard will be playing the female lead, with Gary Oldman reuniting with his Book Of Eli director to play another evil villain type.

Intriguingly enough, Chad St. John’s original script featured one line of dialogue for the hero (Gyllenhaal’s potential part). Let’s see if that makes it through to the finished project.

Jake can next be seen in David Ayer’s cop drama, End Of Watch, to be released later this year. While Dominic Cooper will appear in Summer in February playing Edwardian artists, AJ Munnings….at some point.