‘Gypsy’ Favourite To Win Britain’s Got Talent?

A talented young performer who lives on a caravan site will be the star of this weekend’s opening episode of Britain’s Got Talent after wowing the judges with a fantastic rendition of Tracey Chapman’s Fast Car.

Michael Collins from Plymouth turned up at auditions wearing a tracksuit that Michael McIntyre dubbed “sherbert leisure-wear”, but received three thumbs up from McIntyre and his fellow judges Amanda Holden and David ‘The Hoff’ Hasselhoff.

Holden – who told the youngster that she “wasn’t expecting much” from him – praised the performer’s mature vocals and explained that he had a “special quality” to his voice.

When a member of the press asked if there had been any research into Collins background, Michael McIntyre pointed out that unlike the gypsys on Channel 4’s popular documentary series, the young lad needed a “key-card to enter his campsite”..

Collins, who came across as a very down-to-earth and genuinely warm individual, earlier explained how he and his fiancé became pregnant at a Chinese restaurant called Buffet City. Get in there son!