Hailee ‘True Grit’ Steinfeld: Sleeping Beauty?

HaileeSteinfeld2102011 looks like it’s going to be the year of revisionist fairy tales, which are popping up like mushrooms after a storm.

The latest idea is an adaptation of Sleeping Beauty for which the Oscar nominated Hailee Steinfeld is being sought. After impressing everyone with her film debut in True Grit earlier this year, she’s being flung film roles left, right and centre, including the lead in the adaptation of teen novel Forgotten.

If you’re thinking, “How much acting is she going to be required to do whilst asleep?” then the new script written by Lindsay Devlin should answer that. In a departure from the orginal tale in which the princess falls asleep for 100 years, in this version she’ll be battling to get out of her slumber by fighting creatures in her dreams. That sounds suspiciously like Sucker Punch to us…worryingly so…

Still to come in the fairytale film department are the Amanda Seyfried fronted Red Riding Hood, Tim Burton’s Maleficent, Oz, The Great And Powerful and approximately 52 billion Snow White films. Back of the queue Steinfeld!