Haley Joel Osment Back From The Dead

Remember that cherubic little sweetheart from The Sixth Sense?

Oh and then he was in AI with Jude Law in his most robotic role thus far.

Yeah, him. Well that punky dude on the left, that’s him.

That is Haley Joel Osment in his new film “Sassy Pants”.

Osment, who was nominated for an Oscar for his role “seeing dead people” with Bruce Willis back in 1999, has
resurfaced in this new indie flick.

The film follows Ashley Rickards as a teenage girl trying to nab a job before going away to college.

But things in this family are far from simple. Osment, now 23, plays Chip Hardy, the young gay lover of her father

In his first (successful) film outing since 2001 in the aforementioned Spielberg sci-fi epic, the child star has been the voice of Mowgli in Disney sequel ‘The Jungle Book 2’ and a number of video games.

He also had brief stints in cartoons such as ‘Family Guy’ and ‘Hey Arnold!’.

Don’t believe it? Watch this…