Hangover 3 Set To Strike Next Summer

It appears that making far too much money from an averagely funny film is the movie producers equivalent of a stupidly heavy night out before work; It encourages bad decision-making.

Enter The Hangover 3.

We may have known that this was coming for a while (the box office figures speak rather loudly for themselves) we now have more details.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the cocktail of actors who make this franchise such a success are deep in negotiations about making a return as the boozed-up victims of a wild night out. Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis (try spelling that with a hangover) are rumoured to be seeking $15m each in danger money for starring in a film which is sure to be pretty poor.

Most of the money, as on the second film, will hit their bank accounts once the movie goes into profit, but given that the first Hangover made $467 million worldwide and the second $581 million, there’s little danger of that not happening.

Without those three, producers will have a very tough job getting bums on seats. Everyone knows Home Alone 3 was shite because Macauley wasn’t in it. Some people don’t even know there was a Home Alone 3. Learn from that Warner Bros.

The current schedule is for the new outing to start shooting this summer ready for a late May 2013 release.