Hangover III: Alan In A Mental Institution?

alan300Apparently Zach Galifianakis is “getting fricking phone calls already” about The Hangover III (Detox?) after The Hangover II‘s strong performance at the box office. The film will catch up with the Wolf Pack five years down the line, by which time all but one member is in serious need of help.

There aren’t many details available (as you might expect!) but we think that Alan (Galifianakis) will be the one who sorts his shit and is forced to help his friends when he discovers Phil (Bradley Cooper) drinking meths behind a 7-Eleven. Alan decides it time he got his friend the help he so blatantly needs. The Hangover III will be an uplifting tale of morality, friendship and salvation. Overall it will carry the message that it’s never too late to make a positive change in your life.

It’s a departure for the franchise, which may or may not pay off. However director, Todd Phillips is confident: “just as the characters in the film have grown, so too has their audience. I think they’re ready for something with more substance, after all life isn’t all sunshine and stardust.”

Okay, so that’s all pure fiction, but Galifianakis has confirmed that he’s already being pestered by producers in an interview with Rolling Stone. Obviously The Hangover III is going to be a comedy, but the synopsis is slightly different. Instead of the Wolf Pack waking up with memory blanks after accidentally drugging themselves – with hilarious consequences – they will instead be breaking a sectioned Alan out from a mental institution – with hilarious consequences.