Hangover Part II Worries Cooper

Cooper300Bradley Cooper, star of The Hangover, has admitted that he is worried in the run up to the release of the sequel – the imaginatively titled Hangover Part II.

“As we inch closer to release, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t trepidatious,” he told the Los Angeles Times, showing good sense as the first film made over $450 million worldwide.

But he commented that he also feels the movie has the potential to top its predecessor, saying “The script was better than the first one. The scope is larger. [Shooting it] went smoother than it did the first time in terms of letting spontaneous moments happen. And Bangkok is like Vegas in steroids.”

The Hangover Part II is due out later this year, and along with the original cast will also feature roles from Liam Neeson, Paul Giamatti and Jamie Chung.

On the plus side Bradley, sequels to big movies generally do well even if they’re bad, so don’t worry too much.