Harry Hill Offered £4mill To Stay With ITV

ITV bosses are reportedly offering Harry Hill a deal worth up to £4 million to continue belching on a Saturday night.

TV Burp brings in more middle-class and high-earning viewers than any other ITV show and execs have been ordered to hold on to the bald funny man “at any costâ€?. In 2011 alone, Harry reportedly brought in £20 million in TV advertisements making him more valuable than all the diamontes in Essex.

However, the former doctor is reportedly set to defect to Channel 4 because he “doesn’t need ITV’s money”.

An insider told the Daily Mirror: “The reason ITV want to keep Harry and especially TV Burp is not just the high ratings it gets but the type of people that watch the show.

TV Burp gets audience members who don’t always watch ITV and would normally tune into BBC Two or Channel 4 so the advertisers love it.”

But ITV chiefs have played down how much the channel could lose if Harry leaves the network.

A statement from the broadcaster said: “ITV does not sell its airtime against individual programmes but across access to different audiences and ratings. Therefore this speculative figure, attributed to a single series in our schedule, is completely inaccurate.”

It was recently revealed Harry could be set to join forces with impressionist Alistair McGowan for a new ITV panel show entitled You Cannot Be Serious!.

Meanwhile, over on ITV, Dom Joly is expected to fill Harry’s vacant Saturday slot with…a hidden camera show called Fool Britannia. Good to see Dom is really pushing himself.

The Trigger Happy creator tweeted last month: “New ITV show will NOT be a “Beadleâ€? – will be more Trigger Happy style in that it has characters etc but all new….

“All new characters…so no big mobile, no fighting dogs, no old characters…that’s why it NEW.â€?