Harry Potter & Don Draper Team Up For Sky Drama?

Harry Potter has got through his fair share of male role models over the last few years.. (Sirius Black, Albus Dumbledore etc) but we think he might have found the perfect mentor in whisky-swigging, hat-wearing lothario Don Draper.

Unfortunately a drama which pairs the two characters will never come to pass, although we’d give our right arms to see it on screen (‘Harry Potter and the Long Lunch’ perhaps?) but we can take consolation in the fact that we may get to see the actors who play our two heroes team up for a new drama on Sky Arts.

Reports are circulating that Mad Men star Jon Hamm and former child-actor Daniel Radcliffe could be appearing in a new drama, centred around Russian doctors in World War I. Apparently they will both play the same quack, with Radcliffe playing a young version and Hamm portraying him in his later years. Hamm could also end up narrating the series.

“This is a great role for Daniel and he’s pretty excited about the prospect of working with Jon,” a source told someone. “He’s a big Mad Men fan and feels he can learn a lot from Don. But Jon knows all about Daniel’s qualities, too, so he’ll also be doing some learning.”

According to Digital Spy, the series will include dark and humorous elements, as the doctor in question struggles with self-belief..


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