Heat TV To Launch In Early July

Well pleased: Heat editor Lucie Cave
Girls love it and although they claim not to, so do most blokes. For the last decade or so Heat magazine has dominated the celebrity-gossip market and now the brand will be coming to a TV screen near you.

The Bauer Media publication will be launching a “celebrity news and music TV channel” on July 3rd as part of a collaboration with Channel 4, Box TV.

The portal, which will run news stories, music videos and links to social media debates, will replace one of Box TV’s existing channels, although which one will go is yet to be confirmed. Box have seven channels, Kiss, 4Music, Kerrang!, The Box, Magic, Smash Hits and Q.

Bauer explained that apart from running “Heat’s huge news”, there will be celebrity guests and “takeovers” of its playlist. The channel will join Heat Radio, which debuted in 2003.

A spokesperson also said that it will also feature “original Heat formats and features following the lives of Heat’s hottest pop stars told through their music, exclusive Heat TV access and hot news archive footage”.

Heat editor Lucie Cave said: “The heat brand has defined celebrity culture for over 10 years in print, online and on the radio. We’ve amused, delighted and, yes, enlightened ‘the heat generation’ in every way but one: TV. So now we’re taking that over too with a 24/7 mix of celeb news as it happens, amazing music, unparalleled access and entertainment.”

Yet the venture could be a crucial one for the brand, which has seen magazine sales fall by 12% in the last year.