Helen Mirren In Talks For ITV’s Titanic

Dame Helen Mirren has been linked to ITV’s newest project, a re-telling of the Titanic story scripted by Downton Abbey writer Julian Fellowes.

It’s not known which role Mirren is up for, but ITV said the £12 million drama will be “a heart-wrenching journey”, and is expected to include “multi-arc action, mystery and romantic plotlines.” Atonement actress Romola Garai has also been tipped for a part.

Filming will start in Hungary in the spring, and ITV are planning to broadcast it on the centenery of the ship’s unfortunate demise in 1912.

ITV will have stiff competition in the form of James Cameron, who’s hoping to cash in on the centenery with  a 3D re-release of his own 1997 blockbuster movie Titanic.