Helena Bonham Carter Tries ‘Method Acting’… By Cooking Pie & Cleaning?

helenabonhamStep forward Hollywood’s newest method actor… Some push themselves to the limit and lose scary amounts of weight (Christian Bale), others commit the Hollwood sin of gaining weight and ‘uglying up’ (Charlize Theron) while the hardier become wheelchair bound or even give up their homes, such is their dedication (Daniel Day-Lewis and Adrian Brody respectively).

And Helena Bonham Carter? Well, she’s only gone and learnt how to make lemon meringue pie for her new film Toast

The film is based on British food writer Nigel Slater’s memoirs, and sees Bonham Carter play Slater’s step-mother; a cleaner whose cooking plays a central role. Luckily, having mastered the art of the lemon meringue, Bonham Carter was able to work off the extra calories what with all the “arduous cleaning.”

Marlen Brando – aka the poster child of method acting – would have been proud…