Hilary Swank Hit By Shrapnel

swank210Comic-Con is upon us and that means that I’ll probably be pumping out news stories very 30 seconds. The latest is that Hilary Swank will be starring in and producing an adaptation of the graphic novel Shrapnel.

Written by Nick Sagan (son of astronomer and all-round megastar Carl) and Mark Long, it’s set in the year 2250 where humanity is spreading through the solar system. Most of the inhabited planets are under the rule of the Solar Alliance who maintain a tight leash on its peoples. Standing against them is Venus, the last free world, the last bastion of hope, in a world of blah where freedom and blah blah blah. Sounds like this synopsis should be narrated by Dan LaFontaine.

Swank will play Samantha “Sam” Vijaya, a former Solar Marine who leads an uprising against the regime.

The comic was planned as a three five-issue graphic novels but is also being developed as a video game.

No writer or director yet, so watch this space.