Holly Willoughby’s Fear Of Ghosts Cured On This Morning

This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby has been cured of her ghost phobia by a life coaching team that appeared on the programme.

Nik & Eva Speakman, a husband and wife life coaching duo, have been curing phobias on the show – ridding the fear of cultery, spiders and pigeons from the minds of This Morning viewers. Today they worked their magic on Willoughby, who has been scared of ghosts since she was a little girl.

“I did not believe for a second that you could take that away, a feeling that’s been there for years, for as long as I remember. If I’m on my own, I’ve slept with a duvet over my head since being really little!” She said.

Her phobia was so bad that she had trouble presenting supernatural features on This Morning, and even left the studio after bursting into tears, while on-air, at the sight of a ‘ghostly photo’.

She said: “Thank you, this is going to make a real difference to me. I am cured!” Spooky. Now all the Speakmans need to do is cure OTB’s fear of Philip Schofield.