‘Homesick’ Cheryl Cole Walks Out Of US X Factor


Chery Cole has walked away from the US X Factor after complaining that she was ‘homesick’. Former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger is widely expected to replace her on the judges panel.

“It hasn’t worked out,” said a senior source according to The Sun. “She’s homesick and wants to return to the UK. She’s had enough. Whether she ends up back on UK X Factor is open to speculation.” X Factor representatives were unavailable for comment last night, but there it is believed that the situation came to a head very recently.

There had been reports that bosses at Fox were worried about her being relatively unknown in the US and that American viewers might find her Geordie accent difficult to understand, but no one had predicted todays events.

There’s clearly more to the story and we look forward to finding out other mitigating circumstances in due course, but for now Cheryl’s fans have been hitting the internet offering their backing for the former Girls Aloud star.

The news will also have UK X Factor bosses scrambling to consider their options as one of the stars they were so loathed to lose has become available again.