House Creator Talks New Female Lead

House creator David Shore has revealed that the new season of his hit medical drama will include some “new playersâ€? one of which would definitely be a new “female presence”.

The writer told TV Line that a new character will be introduced to fill the shoes of Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy) who -ironically enough – has moved to join the US TV show Childrens’ Hospital which parodies medical dramas.

With the season seven finished, there is some speculation as to who will take on the challenge of managing the snarky diagnostician that is Gregory House. Shore refused to comment on who will take over the role but conceded that Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) may be getting a promotion.

He was disappointed to see Edelstein leave and confessed that he was “still reeling from itâ€? although they are “having some very frank discussions about what we are going to do…in the first half of the next seasonâ€?. The eighth season hits screens in America in the autumn.