House Of Horror Gets A Director

James Wan is increasingly becoming Hollywood’s go-to guy for films that scare your pants off. The writer/director of Saw and Insidious announced that he would be teaming up with Icon Entertainment for a slew of horror films in the near future and it looks like their first project has just nabbed a director.

Director Xavier Gens has agreed to helm the upcoming House of Horror with Wan on to produce. Gens is no stranger to the genre and is most famous for his ultra-violent French horror Frontiere(s). Back in 2007, Fox had to edit down his overly graphic cut of Hitman and his latest film, post-apocalyptic thriller The Divide, will open in the US soon.

Blending traditional cinematography with interrogation video, news reports and found footage, House Of Horror follows the interrogation of John Ascot, who reveals how his ghost-hunting friends came to die in a supposedly haunted house. John believes that the house is a gateway to hell and that he has been possessed by the devil.

The project, penned by Max La Bella, originally had Javier Gutierrez on to direct, but he left for reasons unknown. It sounds suspiciously like he’s found the entrance to Hell and is possessed by an evil spirit. In any case, with Gens now behind the camera we can expect a good amount of blood and gore assuming the studio lets him get away with it this time.