How To Command A Nuclear Submarine Coming Soon To Military History

Described as an ‘Apprentice-style job interview from hell’, a new reality series is coming which focuses on the Navy’s Perisher course – regarded as the planet’s toughest officer training.

Recently the Ministry of Defence invited a film crew from the History Channel to document the course, and now their footage will be made into a series following commander Jim Perks and 5 recruits, condensing 6 months of training into only 8 episodes.

The Navy spends £2million for each student on the course, and it used to run twice per year but this was reduced to once when 50% of students failed. The final month of training sees recruits having to survive 4 weeks of non-stop naval war games where the submarine is attacked by an armada of boats in treacherous waters off the coast of Scotland.

There are few more intense situations than war, and this promises to be a dramatic piece of reality TV.

How to Command a Nuclear Submarine starts on Monday 14 March on Military History.