How To Train Your Dragon 2: A Chapter Not a Sequel

how-to-train-your-dragon300Apparently How To Train Your Dragon was in fact not the instruction manual its title let it on to be, and that there is further room for improvement in your training abilities as a sequel appears to be on the way.

Developed by DreamWorks Animation, the first film was released with great acclaim and even managed to get itself an Oscar nomination, but Toothless won’t be flying back into the three-dimensional worlds of your nearest Imax screen anytime soon as the release date is currently June 20th 2014.

Despite the far off release, work is well under-way and the script is now completed, a fact confirmed by Jay Baruchel who voices the leading man. While at the Paley Centre in Los Angeles he mentioned that he has read the script and knows the story, “I know everything about it. I read it last week!”

“It’s phenomenal,” he said. “And it’s not a sequel; it’s a chapter two. Because there are eight books [the movies are based on], so it’s not just finding crazy situations to put our characters in. It’s very much a second act of a three act thing.”

Just so long as Toothless is featured then I’ll have no complaints.